For this list, we have searched and tested several forex trading platforms offering services suitable for beginner traders.

We opened real accounts and deposited between $4,000 and $8,000 with each of the brokers. We placed real trades in each popular market to get the real spreads.

We also reached out to customer support to solve issues that we hd encountered. Finally, we withdrew our funds to see if there is any issue with the withdrawal process.

We handpick the best forex trading platforms for beginners based on our trading data and experience as a trader.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading means buying and selling foreign exchanges for the purpose of making profits. Though the trading industry was mostly focused on expert traders, many first-time traders are jumping into the field of trading.

Retail brokers offer currency pairs, which the traders can buy or sell to make profits in the process. There are two primary ways forex traders make money:

  • Taking profit from the change in the exchange rate
  • Making profits (or losses) from the interest rates differentials of two currencies

Beginners in Forex Trading?

But, forex trading is not easy. It takes years of experience to understand the markets and psychology of other traders. Traders need to have a deep understanding of the trading strategies as well.

Beginner traders have entered the trading market in recent years, and the trend is on the rise. But, If these traders indulge in trading without having proper knowledge, they will end up losing money in the markets.

In fact, the majority of retail traders lose money in trading, and many regulators have made it mandatory for the brokers to display the risk warnings mentioning the percentage of brokers losing money in trading.

For brokers, however, a growing number of beginner traders means more business. To retain this inexperienced client base, Brokers have started to offer many beginner-friendly services.

Some of the areas where the brokers are focusing more to attract beginner traders are:

  • User-friendly trading platform interface
  • Excellent educational material
  • Low trading fees
  • Transparent services
  • Excellent customer service
  • The offering of a demo account

Out of all the focused areas, educational resources offered by the brokers are the most important to getting beginner traders started. Forex brokers have now started to offer detailed education for both beginner and advanced levels to traders with:

Newbie traders also need to master the craft of trading, so the offering of a demo account has also become normal, see best demo accounts apps.  

Learn forex trading pdf

PDFs (Portable Document Formats) are one of the most popular document types used for learning forex trading. PDFs are widely used and compatible with every operating system since they are not restricted to specific software.

Many forex brokers offer PDFs as one of the options of educational resources. Some of the most popular trading topics for PDFs are:

  • Forex Trading Tips for Beginners Who Want to Earn PDF
  • Forex Leverage for Beginners PDF
  • Advanced Forex Trading Strategies PDF
  • Trading Forex on MT4 and MT5 PDF

Here are the pros and cons of PDFs:

🔐 Secure📝 Unable to Edit
💽 Portable📁 Layout Limit
📖 Easy to Read📊 Not Suitable for SEO
📚 Small File Size🖼️ Poor Photo Quality

Best Brokers Forex for beginners PDF

To select the Best forex broker for Beginners with PDF materials and trading platforms suitable for beginners, we tested and reviewed several forex brokers. We opened live accounts and deposited real money with each broker and check the education conditions of Trading PDFs.

  • XM – Best Platform CFD trading for beginners pdf
  • RoboMarkets – Best MT5 Forex trading pdf Broker
  • – Best Forex Trading Guide for Beginners PDF
  • CMC Markets – Best Demo Account for Forex Trading

Best Platform CFD trading for beginners pdf

We have picked XM as the best forex broker for beginners with edycation PDFs for CFD Trading.

XM is one of the best brokers for beginners to start with for both trading and other additional services. It is a well-regulated broker and is licensed in the UK, Cyprus, Australia, UAE and Belize. The offerings of the broker include forex and CFDs of indices, stocks and commodities.

When it comes to educational resources, XM’s offerings are excellent. It offers in-depth guides and video tutorials on financial markets and trading strategies. The broker also conducts around 40 webinars each week in different languages for its client base around the globe.

XM offers trading services on MT4 and MT5 and also provides a demo account.

Best MT5 Forex Trading pdf Broker

We have picked RoboMarkets as the best tutorials on forex trading MT5 Broker.

RoboMarkets (also RoboForex) is one of the few brokers that offers an excellent library of PDF and video tutorials covering the forex markets and trading techniques. It offers services on three platforms: MT4, MT5 and R Trader.

Though initially known for offering trading services with currency pairs, the platform was rebranded to RoboMarkets after the addition of other markets like indices, stocks, and commodities.

Best Forex Trading Guide for Beginners PDF

We have picked as the best guide on forex trading .

Text-based guides are still favorites of many learners and offers the best such guides for learning forex and CFDs trading. The broker offers separate guides for each market – forex, CFDs, spread betting, and others – and covers topics from very basics to the most advanced levels. It also provides in-depth guides on the trading strategies and market psychology, also has a glossary page to make the newbies understand the market lingo. is also excellent when it comes to offering trading services. It lists around 3,720 instruments of forex, indices, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies, and is regulated in the UK, Cyprus and Belarus.

Best Forex Trading Demo Account Beginner

We have picked CMC Markets as the best demo account for forex trading and PDF education resources.

The demo account has become necessary not only for beginner traders but also for exerts. While beginners can brush up their trading skills without risking real money, experts use these accounts to test new strategies.

Though almost all the brokers offer demo accounts, we picked CMC Markets mostly because of its wide range of trading services offering. CMC lists more than 10,000 financial instruments covering markets like forex, indices, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies. The broker offers two trading platforms MT4 and proprietary Next Generation Platform.

On its demo account, CMC allows paper trading on CFDs markets with £10,000 of virtual funds. Traders can analyze the markets using indicators on live charts and execute trades without risking any real money.

Forex Trading Platform for Beginners List

Apart from the shortlisted brokers, here is a complete list of forex brokers that offers excellent services to beginners along with PDF books and materials, which we have tested and reviewed.

Forex BrokerTest DetailsBroker Review
Deposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 15 trades
FxPro Review
Admiral MarketsDeposit Amount: Over €4,500
Total Trade: 12 trades
Admiral Markets Review
BlackBull MarketsDeposit Amount: Over €4,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
BlackBull Markets Review
GO MarketsDeposit Amount: Over €4,500
Total Trade: 12 trades
Go Markets Review
ActivTradesDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
ActivTrades Review
XMDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
XM Review
FXTMDeposit Amount: Over €6,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
FXTM Review
ICM CapitalDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
ICM Capital Review
TickmillDeposit Amount: Over $8,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
Tickmill Review
Capital.comDeposit Amount: Over €3,500
Total Trade: 15 trades Review
XTBDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
XTB Review
RoboMarkets (RoboForex)Deposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
RoboMarkets (RoboForex) Review
PepperstoneDeposit Amount: Over €6,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
Pepperstone Review
FBSDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
FBS Review
GKFXDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 15 trades
GKFX Review
DarwinexDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
Darwinex Review
IC MarketsDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
IC Markets Review
ThinkMarketsDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 15 trades
ThinkMarkets Review
FP MarketsDeposit Amount: Over €6,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
FP Markets Review
Amana CapitalDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
Amana Capital Review
AvaTradeDeposit Amount: Over €4,000
Total Trade: 21 trades
AvaTrade Review
CMC MarketsDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
CMC Markets Review
Vantage FXDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 15 trades
Vantage FX Review
INFINOXDeposit Amount: Over €4,000
Total Trade: 9 trades
Axi (AxiTrader)Deposit Amount: Over €6,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
Axi (AxiTrader) Review
Plus500Deposit Amount: Over €6,000
Total Trade: 18 trades
Plus500 Review
eToroDeposit Amount: Over $6,000
Total Trade: 18 trades
eToro Review
Trading 212Deposit Amount: Over €5,500
Total Trade: 15 trades
Trading 212 Review
FortradeDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
Fortrade Review

FAQ and More on Forex Trading Basics PDF

Traders usually have many questions related to generic trading-related queries. We tried to pick and answer some of the most important queries related to forex trading for beginners and traders looking where to learn forex trading pdf.

Top Beginner Forex Brokers in the UK

Demand for retail forex trading has jumped in recent years, and this prompted many beginners to jump into the trading markets. Some of the top Financial Conduct Authority-regulated forex brokers in the UK suitable for beginner traders and good edudcation PDFs are:

  • IG Markets
  • CMC Markets
  • XM

Top Beginner Forex Brokers in the US with free PDF education

Forex brokers in the USA must be registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and be a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). Some of the US-regulated forex brokers that offer suitable services for beginner traders are:

  • TD Ameritrade
  • IG (US)

Forex Trading in Kenya for Beginners PDF

In order to operate in Kenya, forex brokers must be registered and authorised by Capital Markets Authority (CMA). Here are some of the forex brokers regulated in Kenya offering quality educational resources:

  • FXTM
  • FXPesa
  • Pepperstone

Forex Trading for Beginners PDF South Africa

Forex brokers have to be registered and licensed by Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in order to operate in South Africa. Here are some of the forex brokers operating in South Africa and offering suitable PDF learning materials:

  • AvaTrade
  • FXPro
  • IG
  • Tickmill

MT4 Forex Trading PDF Brokers

As MT4 is the most popular platform to trade forex, many beginner traders being their trading journey with this trading platform. Though the platform is a bit outdated and made for professionals, brokers are customizing it to offer services to beginners. Some of the good MT4 forex brokers for beginners also with PDFs for MT4 are:

  • XM
  • CMC Markets
  • AvaTrade

Best Forex Trading App for Beginners

Mobile trading has become a thing now, and many brokers are offering excellent trading services on mobile devices. Some of the excellent forex trading apps offered by the brokers which are useful to beginners are:

  • IG Markets
  • CMC Markets
  • eToro

Copy Trading for Beginners

Forex copy trading services are very popular among beginner traders as they can earn profits while still learning about the forex market. Some of the good copy trading apps for beginner traders are:

  • eToro
  • Naga Trader
  • ZuluTrade
  • Darwinex

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Now I am passionate about reviewing and comparing forex brokers.

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