For this list, we have searched and tested several Trading Platform Providers available in Forex market.

In our research, we selected the best Trading Platform Providers in 2022. We have also researched and picked the best Trading Platform Providers for small businesses and research companies.

What is Platform Provider in Forex Trading?

Electronic Trading Platform is a special software program that serves as the main execution venue for forex brokers. It enables users to place and manage trades on multiple assets and manage them online with a financial intermediary like brokerage companies or banks, as well as monitor their trading accounts. Besides, these platforms can offer many additional features like real-time quotas, financial market news, and fundamental and technical analysis.

Most often, these are third-party providers i.e developers who provide their products to brokers like market-leading MT4, MT5, or cTrader platforms. Also, developers can provide APIs based on their products to brokers who want to create their own customized trading platforms that will cover all functions and cater to customers’ needs.

When choosing a trading platform provider, brokers should take into proper consideration whether the features included in the platform coincide with their offerings.

Leading Trading Provider of Forex Platforms

Some forex trading platform providers offer platforms with very sophisticated features. Here are some of the market-leading forex trading platforms:

📋MetaTrader 4 (by MetaQuotes Software)
💻MetaTrader 5 (by MetaQuotes Software)
⌛️cTrader (by Spotware Systems)

Best Forex Platform Online Trading Service Provider

There are many Forex trading providers offering their products, it’s crucial to determine which provider caters to your needs more. Besides, many brokers offer their own proprietary platforms to traders.

In order to choose the best Forex trading platform providers, clients should consider certain factors before acquiring a platform. You should consider if the platform is easy-to-use and has all the features needed, as well as have a suitable price and good customer support in case traders face certain difficulties.

To pick out the best Forex trading platform providers, we searched and tested several forex trading platforms. Here is the list of some of the most popular ones:

  • MetaTrader 4 – Best CFDs Trading Platform Provider
  • cTrader – Best ECN Trading Platform Provider
  • TradeStation – Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Provider
  • Robinhood – Best Stock Trading Software Provider
  • NinjaTrader – Best Trading Platform Provider for Technical Analysis

Best Trading Software Providers

Before choosing the best suitable forex trading platform provider, some aspects need to be taken into account: first of all, a reputable and experienced trading platform provider, easy-to-use platform, functions, and the price.

Here’s the full list of Top trading platform providers in the Forex market:

Trading Platform ProviderServicesPricing
MetaTrader 4Forex, CFDs, and Futures Trading, Algorithmic Trading, Expert Advisors, 30 Technical Indicators, 29 Graphical Objects, 9 Time-frames, Interactive Charts, Copy Trading, Signals, Alerts, and Financial NewsNot Provided, Pricing Request is Required
MetaTrader 5Trading Forex, CFDs, Stocks, and Futures, Expert Advisors, Trading Signals, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, Copy Trading, Strategy TesterEntry – $1,000
Standard $25,000
Enterprise – $200,000
cTraderAlgorithmic Trading, Copy Trading, Open API, Charting Tools, Advanced TradingNot Provided, Pricing Request is Required
ThinkorSwimAdvanced Trading, Technical Analysis, Thinkscript, Custom Alerts, Social Sentiment Analysis, Automated TradingNot Provided, Pricing Request is Required
NinjaTrader100+ drawing tools, charting tools, Alerts, Algo Trading, Options Trading, Forex, CFDsLicense – $720
Purchasing – $1,099
ActTraderInteractive charts, real-time quotes, Financial news, Algo Trading, Integrated CRM, Risk ManagementNot Provided, Pricing Request is Required
TradeStationCharts, Algo Trading, Forex, CFDs, Options, Back-Testing, Markets NewsNot Provided, Pricing Request is Required

FAQ and More on Forex Platform Providers

In the following sections below, we gathered common questions regarding Forex Trading Platform Providers. Many traders rise different questions and we try to assist them.

Each trading platform provider has its pros and cons. One should consider their needs and goals prior to choosing the one that suits one.

Best Platform Providers for Small Businesses

Small business owners may find acquiring a third-party trading platform more profitable than assembling a team to develop their own platform. With so many options it might seem daunting to choose between all the Trading platform providers. Hence we have compiled a list of the best third-party trading platform providers to make your choice easier.

  • MetaTrader 4
  • ThinkorSwin
  • ActTrader

Free Trading Platform Provider

There are no free trading platform providers since the trading platform is a professional highly sophisticated software that is built to help businesses to execute their services through the platform.

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