For this list, we have searched and tested several forex trading platforms offering automated trading services.

We opened real accounts and deposited between $4,000 and $8,000 with each of the brokers. We placed real trades in each popular market to get the real spreads.

We also reached out to customer support to solve issues that we had encountered. Finally, we withdrew our funds to see if there is any issue with the withdrawal process.

We handpick the best forex trading platforms offering automated trading based on our trading data and experience as a trader.

What is Automated Forex Trading?

Automated forex trading is a technique of trading using an automated algorithm and mostly minimum human intervention. The computer program is usually tried and tested by the trader.

The algorithms used in automated trading mostly analyze the market using technical parameters without focusing on the fundamentals. It analyzes the price patterns and decides when to buy and sell a currency pair.

Automated trading works best for trading currency pairs because of the massive liquidity of the forex market and the availability of the markets around the clock on weekdays.

The three key requisites for automated trading are:

  • Good trading platform (MT4 is recommended)
  • Support for VPS
  • Permision to use Expert Advisor (EA)

How to Start Auto Forex Trading?

Knowledge of trading is a must for automated forex trading. There are no special techniques used in automated forex tradings; it is only the orders executed at a faster speed using technical analysis without human intervention.

Many trading platforms like MetaTrader, cTrader, and TradeStation allow traders to easily write trading scripts using their native programming languages.

For example, traders can define stop-losses, trailing stops and trigger an order by automatically observing moving averages. Traders can also backtest and improve trading algorithms using the previous market data, a feature almost all trading platforms offer.

Some of the popular trading platforms and their programming languages for writing trading scripts are:

Trading PlatformProgramming Language
🖥 MetaTrader 4 (MT4)MLQ4
💻 MetaTrader 5 (MT5)MLQ5
📈 cTraderC#
📉 TradeStationEasyLanguage
📱 NinjaTrader 8C#
📊 ActTraderActFX

Forex Brokers with Algorithmic Trading

But is it necessary to be an expert trader for automating trades? Actually no.

There are many marketplaces where traders can share and buy trading robots. These robots can be easily implemented on trading platforms and the technique is popularly known as Expert Advisory or EA trading.

Though trading platforms of all brokerages support automated trading, we highly recommend traders check trading conditions. Many brokers do not allow or restrict strategies like scalping or hedging, which are very crucial to run high-frequency trading algorithms.

It is recommended to the traders to observe the trading activities although the trading activities are automated. But, expert traders also get the option to move their algorithms to Virtual Private Servers (VPS), which are remote servers and keep the algorithms running around the clock.

Best Forex Broker for Automated Trading

To select the best forex trading platforms for automated trading, we tested and reviewed several forex brokers. We opened live accounts and depositing real money with each broker.

We also placed real trades in popular markets to get the real picture of the spread and commission, trading platform, deposits and withdrawals conditions, education, and customer service.

  • IC Markets – Best Overall Automated Trading Forex Broker
  • OANDA – Best Automated Trading Forex Broker with MT4
  • FxPro – Best Automated Trading Forex Broker with cTrader
  • XM – Best Automated Trading Forex Broker for Beginners
  • Admiral Markets – Best Automated Trading Forex Broker with Low Fees

Best Overall Automated Trading Platform Broker

We have picked IC Markets as the best overall automated trading forex broker.

IC Markets is an excellent platform when comes to automated trading using Expert Advisors (EAs) and robots. It offers trading on all the top three platforms: MT4, MT5 and cTrader. Traders can access the vast EA library on the MetaTrader platforms, while experts can write scripts leveraging functionalities of cTrader.

The Australian broker does not have any limitations on trading strategies, meaning both hedging and scalping are allowed. It also offers VPS but charges a $20 fee for that.

IC Markets is regulated in multiple jurisdictions and lists around 559 instruments of forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Best Automated Trading Forex Broker with MT4

We have picked OANDA as the best automated trading forex broker with MT4.

OANDA is one of the best when it comes to offering automated trading on the MT4 platform. It offers trading only on one platform, meaning all its resources are directed to MT4. It allows traders to install MT4 plugins from an impressive library, along with premium MT4 tools that include indicators and widgets.

AvaTrade offers trading with forex and CFDs of indices, commodities, shares and a few other asset classes. OANDA is a well-reputed broker and is regulated in almost all major countries.

Best Automated Trading Forex Broker with cTrader

We have picked FxPro as the best automated trading forex brokers with cTrader.

FxPro is one of the many brokers that offer trading services on the cTrader platform, which was developed by the company Spotware. The platform is known for its functionalities and tools and is a preferred one among experts.

Regulated in the UK, Cyprus, South Africa and the Bahamas, FxPro allows traders to run all trading strategies. It also provides VPS at a monthly charge of $30.

FxPro is known for its forex-centric services and lists 70 currency pairs, along with instruments of other asset classes. It also offers trading on MT4, MT5, and proprietary FxPro (EDGE).

Best Automated Trading Forex Broker for Beginners

We have picked XM as the best automated trading forex broker for beginners.

XM’s offering is best for beginner traders because of its excellent library of educational resources. Apart from that, its services for automated trading are also excellent.

The broker offers trading services with forex and CFDs of indices, stocks, and commodities. The trading platforms provided by it are MT4 and MT5, which are deemed as industry-standard. The broker offers excellent trading conditions and allows traders to run EA. It provides VPS too.

Best Automated Trading Forex Broker with Low Fees

We have picked Admiral Markets as the best automated trading forex broker with low fees.

When it comes to spreads and trading fees, Admiral Markets offers the best services. Its spreads charges by it on EUR/USD pairs are 0.6 pips, which is much lower than the industry average of 1.6 pips. According to our tests, spreads on other markets are almost much lower than the industry benchmarks.

Though the basic Admiral Markets account type does not charge any commission, higher-tier accounts charge trading fees but have tight spreads. The broker does not have any significant non-trading fees.

Coming to automated trading, the broker allows traders to run EA on both MT4 and MT5.

Automatic Forex Trading Brokers List

Apart from the shortlisted brokers, here is a complete list of forex brokers that allows automated trading with EAs and robots, which we have tested and reviewed.

Forex BrokerTrading PlatformsEA TradingVPSBroker Review
FxProMT4, MT5, cTrader, FxPro EDGEYes$30/monrhFxPro Review
Admiral MarketsMT4, MT5YesFree of charge if the client maintains minimum Live account equity of 5,000 EurosAdmiral Markets Review
BlackBull MarketsMT4, MT5YesFree for minimum of $2,000 deposit with 20 lots traded per monthBlackBull Markets Review
GO MarketsMT4, MT5Yes$10 or minimum trading volume of $1m notional value per month (approx. 5 lots)Go Markets Review
XMMT4, MT5Yes$5,000XM Review
FXTMMT4, MT5, FXTM TraderYesFreeFXTM Review
ICM CapitalMT4, MT5, cTraderYesFree for accounts that maintain a 4,000 USD balance or equivalent in EUR, GBP or SGDICM Capital Review
TickmillMT4Yes20% offTickmill Review
XTBMT4, xStation 5, xStation MobileYesYesXTB Review
RoboMarkets (RoboForex)MT4, MT5, R TraderYes$10/monthRoboMarkets (RoboForex) Review
PepperstoneMT4, MT5, cTraderYes20% offPepperstone Review
FBSMT4, MT5, FBS TraderYesFree under certain conditionsFBS Review
GKFXMT4, MT5YesFree when minimum starting balance of $4,000 and minimum trade of 10 lots per month. Otherwise, $25/month.GKFX Review
DarwinexMT4, MT5Yes£20/monthDarwinex Review
IC MarketsMT4, MT5, cTraderYes$20/monrhIC Markets Review
ThinkMarketsMT4, MT5, ThinkTraderYes15% offThinkMarkets Review
FP MarketsMT4, MT5, IRESSYesFree for over 10 lots on a standard trading account or 20 lots on Raw accountFP Markets Review
Amana CapitalMT4, MT5YesFreeAmana Capital Review
CMC MarketsMT4, Next Generation PlatformYesFree when you trade 15 minimum lots per monthCMC Markets Review
Vantage FXMT4, MT5YesFree with minimum balance of $1000Vantage FX Review
Axi (AxiTrader)MT4Yes$34.99 of the monthly ForexVPS fee for customers who trade more than 20 lots in a calendar month.Axi (AxiTrader) Review

FAQ and More on Automated Trading Forex Brokers

Traders usually have many questions related to generic trading-related queries. We tried to pick and answer some of the most important queries related to forex brokers offering automated trading software with EAs and robots.

Brokers Allowing EA on MT4

Allowing traders to run Expert Advisories or EAs is a must for any trading platform which wants traders to automate their trades. And MT4 is the best platform to find EAs because of its vast community. Some of the forex brokers allowing Expert Advisory on MT4 are:

  • XM
  • Vantage FX
  • RoboMarkets
  • FxPro
  • CMC Markets

Brokers Allowing Scalping with EA

Scalping allows traders to run high-frequency Expert Advisories that enter and exit positions within seconds or even less. The brokers allowing traders to run both EAs and scalping are:

  • ThinkMarkets
  • FXTM
  • Axi (AxiTrader)
  • FBS

Best Automated Forex Trading Robot Software

Robots or automated trading software allow traders to run scripts, thus allows them to trade automatically based on the pre-decided parameters. There are many specific trading platforms and tools that allow traders to trade using robots. These are:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5
  • cTrader

Best Broker Allowing High Frequency Trading

High-frequency trading enters and exits positions in split seconds. Though the booked profits in each trade are very less (usually in cents), the massive number of executed trades makes the overall profits. Brokers need to allow scalping and provide VPS for facilitating high-frequency. Some of the brokers providing these two services are:

  • GO Markets
  • CMC Markets

Forex Brokers Offering Free VPS

VPS allows traders to put their automated trading scripts to put in a remote server that is running around the clock (else traders have to run the scripts on their own computer) and usually responses very fast. Some of the forex brokers offering free VPS are:

  • XTB
  • FXCM
  • Amana Capital

Best Automated Trading Platform UK

In the world of currency trading, automated systems offer a great way to take advantage. For favorable trading there are three essential conditions to pay attention to: trading platform, access to EAs, and support for VPS. Taking into consideration these important conditions we have tested a number of automated trading brokers UK. It is essential to choose a reliable broker with favorable offerings for successful automated trading.

Based on our tests we have come up with the following forex brokers with automated trading UK:

  • XTB
  • FXTM
  • AxiTrade

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