For the Best High Leverage Forex Brokers Malaysia list, we have reviewed several brokers accepting Malaysian clients.

We have opened accounts with these brokers and deposited between $4,000-$8,000. We placed live trades in each popular market to get the spreads. We also contacted customer support to resolve the problems we had faced. Eventually, we withdrew our funds to check if there’s any issue.

We have chosen the best high leverage forex brokers Malaysia based on our experience as traders.

What is Leverage in Forex?

In forex, leverage is an investment model where traders use borrowed capital to bolster their buying power, acquire more assets, and increase return on investment. The borrowed funds are usually taken from brokers; the level of leverage depends on how much leverage each broker’s regulatory body allows. Learn more about leverage on Wiki.

The amount of money required to open positions is called margin. The margin depends on the leverage you are trading with. For example, let’s say you want to control a position worth $300,000 with leverage of 100:1 margin required will be $3,000.

Keep in mind that high leverage can also multiply dowside risks in case the investmnet doesn’t play out the way it was expected.

See the most popular leverage levels forex brokers offer:

Leverage LevelMargin Required
🥇 400:1 0.25%
🥈 200:1 0.5%
🥉 100:1 1%
🏅 50:1 2%

How to access High Leverage?

High leverage can be beneficial since it maximizes the income, however, it can also cause huge losses. Due to the risks associated with high leverage trading, many FX brokerages are restricting high leverage levels across the globe.

Yet there are several ways how traders can get access to high leverage:

  • prove your status and become a professional trader
  • open an account under an entity allowing high leverage like FINMA or FMA
  • open an account under offshore brokers, but we don’t recommend that since they are highly risky to trade with

Best Forex Brokers with Highest Leverage in Malaysia

To select the best high leverage forex brokers Malaysia, we have reviewed several ones. We opened real accounts with them and placed real trades to get the spreads and conditions offered by each broker.

Securities Commission of Malaysia (SCM) do not allow high leverage trading, hence traders have to find international brokers operating under particular regulators to get access to high leverage. The level of leverage will depend on guidelines and laws the brokers follow.

Here’s the list of the best high leverage forex brokers Malaysia:

  • BlackBull Markets – Best Overall Malaysia Broker with High Leverage
  • IG Group – Best Forex Broker with High Leverage for Beginners Malaysia
  • CMC Markets – Best MT4 Platform with High Leverage for Malaysia
  • Dukascopy – Best Broker Low Spread High Heverage Broker for Malaysia Trading

Make sure that broker you are trading with is well-regulated by reputed regulators and operates accorind applicable laws accross all jurisdiction.

Best Overall Malaysia Broker with High Leverage

We chose BlackBull as the best overall high leverage forex broker.

BlackBull is a New Zealand-based forex and CFD broker that offers over 200 instruments to trade forex, indices, stocks, and commodities markets. BlackBull offers up to a 500:1 leverage level with minimum deposits. The broker also offers great educational materials for both novice and experienced traders to hone their skills.

Overall, BlackBull Markets is a reliable and reputable forex broker that can offer its clients a great experience.

Best Forex Broker with High Leverage for Beginners Malaysia

We picked IG as the best high leverage forex broker for beginners.

Founded in 1974, IG is publicly traded and well-regulated by 7 tier-1 regulatory bodies including FMA (New Zealand) and FINMA (Switzerland) which makes it a safe broker. The broker offers trading with forex, indices, commodities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. The market offering available to traders varies depending on which entity your account is operating.

IG offers ultimately comprehensive trading conditions with advanced research and trading tools and industry-leading education making it the best fit for beginners.

Best MT4 Platform with High Leverage for Malaysia

We chose CMC Markets as the best high leverage forex broker offering the MT4 trading platform.

Established in 1989, CMC Markets is a well-regulated and publicly traded broker with a vast range of instruments in several markets such as forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

CMC Markets offers the best conditions for MT4 traders available on multiple platforms like web, mobile, and desktop.

Best Broker Low Spread High Heverage Broker for Malaysia Trading

We handpicked Dukascopy as the best high leverage broker with low spreads.

Founded in 1998, Dukascopy is a well-regulated broker with headquarters in Geneva. The broker offers a comprehensive trading package with excellent research tools and a wide array of trading instruments in forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The available market depends on the entity your account is registered under.

Dukascopy offers lower and highly competitive spreads across all markets as compared to other brokers. The spreads start from 0.1 pips. The broker doesn’t charge any account, deposit, or withdrawals fees.

Malaysia Forex Brokers with High Leverage UK List

Based on our knowledge and gained experience as traders we provide a list of forex brokers offering high leverage:

BrokerTest DetailsReview
BlackBull MarketsDeposit Amount: Over €4,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
BlackBull Review
CMC MarketsDeposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
CMC Markets Review
DukascopyDeposit Amount: Over €4,000
Total Trade: 15 trades
Dukascopy Review
Saxo BankSaxo Review
SwissquoteSiwssquote Review
Interactive BrokersInteractive Brokers Website
IG Markets IG Website

FAQ and More on Malaysia High Leverage Forex Trading

Traders often wonder about various aspects of trading. In this article, we tried to give comprehensive answers to all trading-related questions.

High Leverage Crypto Trading Malaysia

Malaysian traders can engage in cryptocurrency trading by leveraging their positions with speculations on CFDs. The level of leverage depends on the entity the broker falls under.

Based on experience we found these brokers offering high leverage crypto trading:

1:500 Leverage

Most of the brokers offering leverage of 500:1 are offshore brokers. New-Zealand-based FMA regulator is one of the few reputable entities that legally offer 500:1 leverage to its clients.

Some of the brokers allowing 500:1 leverage under FMA are:

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