For this article, we have reviewed and tested 5 high leverage forex brokers Canada.

We have opened accounts and deposited around $5,000 with each broker, placed real trades to get the real spreads, as well as contacted the support team to resolve the issues we have faced. Finally, we withdrew our funds to see if there was any issue with the process.

We have picked out the best high leverage forex brokers Canada based on data collected and our experience as traders.

What is Leverage in Forex?

For those considering investing, forex trading offers an opportunity to get larger exposure to the market even with a modest budget. The traders can borrow money from brokers and invest it in any market they wish. The use of borrowed capital in investment is called leverage; whereas the deposit used for investment is called margin.

The leverage is typically presented as a ratio between the trade’s total exposure and the margin requirement. For example, with only a 10% margin you will control assets worth $1000 with just a $100 margin required. Read more about leverage on Wiki.

Leverage strategy is often associated with high risks, while it magnifies the returns from investment, it also magnifies the losses.

Forex brokers must be registered and authorized with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). Forex brokers regulated by the IIROC can offer a maximum leverage of up to 50:1.

See the most popular leverage levels forex brokers offer:

Leverage LevelMargin Required
🥇 400:1 0.25%
🥈 200:1 0.5%
🥉 100:1 1%
🏅 50:1 2%

Best Forex Brokers with High Leverage in Canada

To select the best high leverage forex brokers in Canada, we have tested several international brokers offering high leverage in Canada. We opened real accounts and deposited money with each broker, then placed trades to see the real spreads.

There are no brokers located and regulated in Canada who offer high leverage since the maximum leverage is 1:50 resrticted bu IIROC Regulation in Canada. Read more about Canada Brokers here. However, for Canadians it is allowed to open accounts with almost all international brokers, so possible to get access to high leverage by: either jurisdiction that still offers high leverage like Switzerland or New Zealand, or to become a professional trader or open an account with international entity based offshore.

We recommend choosing only reliable brokers, and here is our selection of Brokers with high leverage for Canadians:

  • BlackBull Markets – Best Overall Canada Brokers with High Leverage
  • IG – Best High Leverage Brokers Canada for Beginners
  • CMC Markets – Best High Leverage CFD Brokers for Canadian
  • Saxo Bank – Top Forex Brokers with High Leverage on MT4
  • Dukascopy – Best Broker with High Heverage and Low Spread Canada

High leverage is a risky strategy that can amplify your losses, hence make sure your broker is well-regulated across all jurisdictions its services are applied.

Best Overall Canada Brokers with High Leverage

We picked out BlackBull Markets as the best overall high leverage forex broker Canada.

BlackBull is a New Zealand-based forex broker that offers over 200 instruments to trade markets. With up to 500:1 leverage and with minimum deposits of just $1, BlackBull has great offerings tailored toward traders at all levels – from beginners looking to learn how they can be successful in this complex industry as well experienced professionals who want an edge on their competition.

Best High Leverage Brokers Canada for Beginners

We chose IG as the best high leverage broker for beginners.

IG is a well-regulated financial firm that offers trading conditions suited for traders of all experience levels. The broker has been around since 1974 and operates under 7 tier-1 regulatory bodies including FMA (New Zealand) and FINMA(Switzerland), ensuring your account will be safe from wrongdoing on their end. The broker offers trading with forex, indices, commodity, shares, and cryptocurrencies.

Best High Leverage CFD Brokers for Canadian

We picked CMC Markets as the best high leverage CFD broker in Canada.

Founded in 1986, CMC Markets is a UK-based leading forex broker, offering financial trading services with contracts for differences and spread betting. It is one of the few brokers that are publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker CMCX. The broker offers trading in such markets as forex, indices, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Top Forex Brokers with High Leverage on MT4

We picked Saxo Bank as the best broker offering the MT4 platform.

Saxo Market offers traders access to forex, shares and futures which are all backed by solid product offerings from around the world. They also have low spreads for those who trade on their platform in addition to deposits that can be made quickly without any delays or problems when depositing money into an account through a bank transfer.

Best Broker with High Heverage and Low Spread Canada

We chose Dukascopy as the best high leverage forex broker with low spreads.

Founded in 2004, Dukascopy is Switzerland-based forex and CFDs broker offering banking services as well. The broker offers trading services with forex, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stock CFDs.

Dukascopy offers a 100:1 leverage level on major currency pairs under the FINMA entity.

Canada Top 100 Regulated Brokers with High Leverage List

Since high leverage is strictly limited and regulated to lower levels across the globe, there is only 7 regulated brokers which we tested offering high leverage. Most of the other brokers with high leverage are offshore; we do not recommend offshore brokers due to the high risks.

Forex BrokerFINMA RegulatedFMA RegulatedVisit Broker
IG MarketsYesYesIG Markets Website
Interactive BrokersNoYesInteractive Brokers Website
BlackBull MarketsNoYes BlackBull Markets Review
CMC MarketsNoYesCMC Markets Review
SwissquoteYesNoVisit Swissquote
DukascopyYes NoDukascopy Review
Saxo MarketsYesNoSaxo Markets Website

FAQ and More on High Leverage Trading in Canada

In this article, we have looked through the most common questions traders have and found some answers for them.

Market Execution Brokers with High Leverage

Market execution is a method of execution where clients open and close their positions. NDD, STP, and ECN brokers refer to market execution. Read our detailed article on NDD Brokers.

Some of the market execution brokers offering high leverage are:

High Leverage Crypto Trading Canada

Cryptos are not considered legal tender in Canada, however, the Canadian government is now experimenting with token-based digital currencies. There are two ways of trading cryptos in Canada:

  • buying or selling crypto, also known as a crypto exchange
  • CFD crypto trading – speculating on the currency movement, as most of the forex brokers offer

Some of the high leverage brokers offering CFD crypto trading are:

  • CMC Markets
  • Saxo Bank

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Author of this review

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