For this list, we have researched and tested popular Forex Trading Schools Taiwan available both online and offline.

We have enrolled with several online Forex trading webinars, seminars, and trading school programs that are provided by different trading schools available in Taiwan. We have completed the trading courses and programs, webinars and checked the quality of its service fully.

At last, based on our experience we have picked the Best Forex Trading School Taiwan available to both beginner and advanced traders. 

What is Trading School in Taiwan?

Forex trading itself might have some restrictions in Taiwan and finding reputable brokers who accept Taiwanese traders can be a difficult task. So mainly offshore brokers might accept Taiwanese traders.

Forex trading schools in Taiwan might not be very widely presented, too. Also, Taiwanese traders should check well whether they can sign with other international trading schools. Mainly, Forex brokers available in Taiwan provide good educational materials for Taiwanese traders and run a great number of seminars, webinars, and courses on the topic.

Forex trading in Taiwan is regulated by the Central Bank of China (Taiwan) which is responsible for controlling the official Taiwan currency (NT$). The CBC Taiwan besides controlling the national currency is also responsible for the implementation of Forex trading rules and regulations in Taiwan.

The characteristics of a good Forex Trading School in Taiwan are:

👨‍💻 SchoolReputable School with Expert Instructors
📈 EducationOnline Course
In class Lessons
🔎 CourseBeginners Course
Advanced Course
Macro Course
Live Streaming
🚀 CoachingPersonal Lessons
One on One Coaching
🏛️ QualityWell Structured material
Good access to resources
Live trade demonstrations
Demo Account
📑 Free Materialse-Books
Intro Videos
💸 FeeFree Materials
Prepaid Courses
Monthly Subscription

Best Trading School in Taiwan

We tested several Forex trading courses offered by both Forex trading schools and Brokers available for Taiwanese traders, and picked these as the best:

All these trading schools and brokers offer comprehensive courses covering all the aspects of Forex trading, and the financial market from fundamental to advanced strategies.

Best Forex Trading Course Taiwan

While looking for a Forex trading school Taiwan and courses to get started, traders are highly recommended to learn only from reliable and popular firms, and never use any education materials as trading advice. You can also find some Forex brokers that run seminars and have good educational materials.

For our list, we selected only popular and reputable Forex trading courses both free and paid with quality education and materials suitable for various level traders.

School Name Location Course Course Cost Course Duration  Free Materials 
ACY SecuritiesAvailable in TaiwanForex and Stock Trading
Asia Forex MentorAvailable in TaiwanOne Core ProgramFull Access
ExpertOptionAvailable in TaiwanFinancial Trading CoursesFreeOn-DemandYes
AvaTradeAvailable in TaiwanCurrency Trading CourseFreeOn-DemandYes
Nuclio Digital SchoolAvailable in TaiwanMaster in
Blockchain and Crypto
Not ProvidedOn-Demand– 
HotForexAvailable in TaiwanForex Trading CoursesFreeOn-DemandYes
XM Available in TaiwanFinancial Trading Seminars, WebinarsFreeOn-DemandYes
PepperstoneAvailable in TaiwanForex and Finacial Trading WebinarsFreeOn-DemandYes

FAQ and More on Taiwan Trading Schools Online

There are many Forex trading school-related questions that both beginners and experienced traders have. Here we answer some of the common questions related to trading schools in Taiwan.

The Forex trading market offers many trading school options for traders in Taiwan. Each trading school has its own advantages and disadvantages. You just need to consider your own goals and objectives before deciding which one is right for you.

Taiwan Binary Options Trading School

Binary Options are financial products requiring traders to speculate if the price of the underlying assets will either go up or down. The products usually have an expiry date and/or time, and provide fixed returns if the asset price moves in favor of the trader. Read more about binary options in our article.

Due to the lack of serious regulations on trading, there are many offshore brokers in Taiwan, schools, and individuals targeting the population, so we advise choosing only reliable sources. There might be some binary options schools and courses, however, we do not recommend trading and learning them since binary options are forbidden by most regulators worldwide, due to high risks and lack of transparency.

Day Trading Schools in Taiwan

Day trading is a strategy that requires traders to buy and sell financial instruments within a day. It is also considered a highly risky investment strategy, and the traders must be aware of the potential risks before they begin trading. One of the biggest risks associated with day trading is the possibility of heavy losses in a short period of time as day traders typically buy and sell assets within a single day, and they may not have the time to wait for prices to recover from a sudden drop.

Another risk is that the day traders may become too emotionally attached to their positions and may hold onto losing positions for too long. Even if there are brokers or individuals offering day trading education we advise avoiding it due to the high risks of losing money involved.

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Author of this review

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