For this list, we have searched and tested several forex brokers offering fixed spreads across all markets.

We opened real accounts and deposited between $4,000 and $8,000 with each of the brokers. We placed real trades in each popular market to get the real picture.

We also reached out to customer support to solve the problems we had faced.

We handpick the best fixed spread forex brokers based on our trading data and experience as a trader.

What is Fixed Spread?

The name Fixed Spread already suggests that it is fixed to a specific charge, which is unchangeable under any market conditions, such as volatility or liquidity. With Fixed Spread it is much easier to calculate the overall trading cost. Besides, it provides stability and more safety for the traders.

Generally, Fixed Spread offers a wider cost. This is due to the fact that the brokers include all the possible risks in their proposal, unlike the floating spread, which tends to change in accordance with the market conditions.

Is Fixed Spread Forex the best option?

Fixed Spread Forex has its own advantages. It is the best option for those traders who prefer stable market conditions and more predictable costs. This way, they are able to better develop their trading strategies. Moreover. Fixed spreads are more transparent and they protect the traders from volatility and liquidity. See Iran brokers that use the fixed spread model.

Variable vs Fixed Spread forex

Brokers commonly offer two main types of spreads: fixed and floating spreads (variable). While fixed spreads remain unchangeable under various marketing conditions, variables are determined by the marketplace situation, which depends on the ongoing bid and offerings.

Commonly, the Floating spread forex brokers use market execution and offer spreads that start from 0 pips. Under conditions of market activity, the spread might jump to higher figures, bigger than the average range of 0-4 pips.

The floating spread brokers are rapidly growing, due to the increasing demand for technological trading or strategies that perform automatic execution. However, fixed spreads bring more stability and are potentially easy to calculate. 

Best Fixed Spread Forex Brokers

Most Fixed Spread Forex Brokers operate as Market Maker Brokers or OTC Brokers, so that to provide  liquidity. Generally, the brokers offer Fixed Spreads for the benefit of their traders. However, it is wise to consider only well-regulated and authorized brokers, to avoid non-regulated brokerage offerings that may seem attractive, yet not reliable. 

Some of the best Fixed Spread Forex brokers are:

  • AvaTrade
  • FBS
  • Pepperstone
  • FxPro

Best Overall Forex Broker with Fixed Spread

We have picked AvaTrade as the best overall forex broker with fixed spread.

AvaTrade is a Dublin-headquartered broker and is regulated in several jurisdictions, including Ireland, Australia, the UAE, Japan, South Africa, and the British Virgin Islands. 

AvaTrade offers trading with forex, indices, commodities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs. 

The broker offers attractive spreads on forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrency CFDs. 

AvaTrade’s spreads for forex are below the industry average. The offered spreads on indices and commodities are also below the industry benchmark.

However, Cryptocurrency and stock spreads are above the industry average.

Best Forex Fixed Spread Broker for Beginners

We have picked FxPro as the best forex fixed spread broker for beginners.

FxPro offers favorable conditions for beginner traders. 

The broker offers trading on industry-leading platforms, such as MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. It also has its proprietary platform that is also very clear and easy to use. 

The broker offers quality educational resources to traders. Its educational section is divided for beginner and advanced traders.

FxPro offers the traders educational materials, such as text-based tutorials, video tutorials on trading, explainer videos for tools, and a demo account. 

FxPro customer service is also great. The representatives promptly respond on both live chat and email with accurate and direct answers. The broker provides customer support in multiple languages.

Best Fixed Spread Forex Brokers MT4

We have picked FBS as the best MT4 fixed spread forex broker.

FBS offers trading services on MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms and FBS Trader, available only on mobile. It offers a ton of useful tools and features for market research and analysis.

The Estonia-headquartered broker offers low spreads in the industry across all markets. Our tests found that the average spread on the EUR/USD pair was only 1.13 pips. It was 1.35 pips for FTSE 100. Gold spread is also below the industry average at 4.6 pips.

FBS is regulated in Belize, Cyprus, and Australia and offers trading services with forex, indices, commodities, and stocks, and cryptocurrency CFDs.

Best Forex Broker with Lowest Fixed Spread

We have picked AvaTrade as the best forex broker with the lowest fixed spread.

AvaTrade’s spreads for forex are below the industry benchmark. The offered spreads on indices and commodities are also below the average.

The broker offers attractive forex spreads: the EUR/USD pair averaged at 0.8 pips, 3.4 pips for Gold and 1 pips for FTSE 100.

Fixed Spread Forex Brokers List

Here is a list of fixed spread forex brokers and the spreads charged by them on various markets, which we have tested and reviewed.

Forex BrokerSpread on EUR/USDSpread on FTSE 100Spread on Apple CFDsSpread on GoldTest DetailsBroker Review
Deposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 15 trades
FxPro Review
FBS 1.13 1 4.6 Deposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
FBS Review
AvaTrade0.871.172.13.67Deposit Amount: Over €4,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
AvaTrade Review
Pepperstone1.0210.91.6Deposit Amount: Over €4,500
Total Trade: 12 trades
Pepperstone Review
Dukascopy0.81.21.973.48Deposit Amount: Over €5,000
Total Trade: 12 trades
Dukascopy Review

FAQ and More on Fixed Spread Forex

Traders usually have many questions related to generic trading-related queries. We tried to pick and answer some of the most important queries related to fixed spread forex brokers.

Forex Fixed Spread ECN

There is no ECN Forex Brokers offering Fixed Spread. ECN Broker Fees are mainly based on Commission. On the other hand, Fixed Spread is offered only by the Brokers that maintain Market Marking executions.

Fixed Spread Forex Broker Australia

We have picked GKFX as a Fixed spread Forex broker Australia.

GKFX is a forex and contracts for differences (CFDs) broker, authorized and regulated in UK, Malta, British Virgin Islands, Cambodia, Australia.

GKFX spreads on forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrency CFDs are lower than the industry average. The average spread is 1.2 pips.

USA Forex Broker with Fixed Spread

We have picked as a USA Forex broker with Fixed Spreads. is a part of GAIN Capital Holdings Inc which is a publicly-traded company that provides online trading. offers both fixed and variable spreads, depending on the market you wish to trade. Therefore, you may choose the suitable option and engage into trading with or without commissions.

Forex Broker 1 pip Fixed Spread

We have picked Swissquote as a Forex broker with a balanced fixed spread proposal.

Swissquote spreads are different and are not fixed to 1 pip for all instruments, actually, none of the brokers provide 1 pip offering, each instrument has its own fixed spread conditions, which also may change due to brokers terms and conditions.  

Swissquote Group Holding Ltd is Switzerland’s leading provider of online financial and trading services. It has its headquarters in Gland (VD) with offices in Zürich, Bern, Dubai, Malta, Hong Kong and London.

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Author of this review

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