ThinkMarkets Enhances ThinkTrader Web Platform with TradingView Integration

ThinkMarkets, a Melbourne-based brokerage firm, has unveiled a significant upgrade to its ThinkTrader web platform by seamlessly integrating the widely acclaimed charting software, TradingView. This enhancement aims to empower traders with advanced tools and a more comprehensive market perspective.

The integration of TradingView into ThinkTrader web introduces a slew of cutting-edge features that promise to enhance the trading experience for users. Among the standout features is the ability to monitor multiple charts concurrently, with support for up to eight charts, providing traders with a more holistic view of the financial markets.

One-click synchronization is another valuable addition to the platform, enabling traders to swiftly apply adjustments made to one chart across other charts, simplifying the customization process and saving precious time.

Furthermore, ThinkTrader web now boasts advanced technical tools designed to equip traders with the resources needed for in-depth market analysis and decision-making. These tools facilitate the observation of market movements across various time intervals, granting traders unique perspectives and deeper insights into evolving market trends.

The platform’s integration with TradingView also introduces a specific date navigation feature. This enables traders to efficiently access historical market data for a specific date, facilitating the analysis of past market behaviors and patterns for informed decision-making.

In response to user feedback, ThinkMarkets has included undo/redo buttons in the upgraded platform, making it easier for traders to modify chart settings. Additionally, users can now customize shortcuts to their preferred intervals, enhancing their ability to swiftly access critical information.

This integration with TradingView is part of ThinkMarkets’ ongoing commitment to evolving its platform and providing users with enhanced tools and functionalities. Earlier this year, the broker introduced ThinkCopy, a copy trading platform aimed at offering clients access to experienced traders and a range of social features. This innovative tool enables investors to search and compare the performance of numerous proven traders and automatically mirror their trades.

ThinkMarkets made headlines recently when it decided to abandon its previously announced merger plan with Canada-listed blank check company, FG Acquisition Corp. The merger, which would have valued ThinkMarkets at $160 million on a pre-money basis, was called off despite the brokerage’s impressive $62 million revenue generated in 2022.

ThinkMarkets, a multi-licensed online forex brokerage firm, is authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The firm has expanded its global presence through its licensed South African subsidiary and further extended its reach by acquiring the Japanese FX firm, Japan Affiliate, allowing it to offer its services in the Asian market.

With these recent enhancements, ThinkMarkets reaffirms its commitment to providing traders with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the financial markets effectively. The integration of TradingView into ThinkTrader web positions the platform as a more powerful and versatile tool for both novice and experienced traders alike.

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By George Rossi

Author of this review

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