Oleg Mukhanov Appointed as New CEO of TradingView

In a significant executive shift, London-based TradingView, known for its advanced charting software and solutions, has announced a change in its leadership. Effective immediately, Oleg Mukhanov has been named the new CEO of TradingView, taking the reins from Denis Globa, who co-founded the company in 2011.


Mukhanov, who joined TradingView in 2022 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles. Before his tenure at TradingView, he was deeply involved in the venture capital sector, serving as a Partner and COO/CFO of Enso Ventures. This followed a notable six-year career in investment banking at UBS.

The outgoing CEO, Denis Globa, leaves behind a robust legacy at TradingView, having co-founded the company alongside Konstantin Ivanov (former CTO) and Stan Bokov (former COO, now Chief Strategy Officer). Despite stepping down as CEO, Globa remains a co-controlling shareholder of the company.

In a statement posted on social media, Oleg Mukhanov expressed his enthusiasm and humility in stepping into the CEO role: “I am excited and humbled to take over as the Chief Executive Officer at TradingView. I am looking forward to the challenge of taking this amazing company and all those people who made it such to new heights!”

TradingView, a platform renowned for its charting capabilities, also functions as a social network for traders and investors. With a user base exceeding 50 million worldwide, it plays a crucial role in identifying opportunities across global markets. The company’s solutions are employed by a multitude of FX and CFD industry providers, including FP Markets, Match-Trader, and Pepperstone.

Mukhanov’s appointment as CEO marks a new chapter for TradingView, signaling a continued commitment to innovation and excellence in the financial technology sector. His diverse background and experience in both the venture capital and investment banking arenas position him uniquely to lead TradingView’s expansion and adaptation in the rapidly evolving market landscape.

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