For this list, we have searched and tested popular Forex Trading School UK available online or offering offline education too.

We have enrolled with several online forex trading webinars, seminars and Trading School programs that are provided by different Trading Schools available across UK in London, Manchester and other cities. We have completed the Trading Courses and programs, webinars and checked the quality of its service fully.

At last, based on our experience we have picked the Best Forex Trading School UK available to both beginner and advanced traders. 

What makes great Forex Trading Schools UK?

Forex trading can be a lucrative venture, but it’s important to learn industry well before you start trading with real money. Fortunately, there are plenty of forex trading schools in the UK that offer courses, webinars, and seminars to help beginners get started or traders with experience improve knowledge or polish trading skills.

For the very beginners it is advised to take beginners course to get general knowledge about Markets and then to select, which trading strategy and style might be your suitable one, and then select the best trading school and find Course that will cover your demand and trading need.

  • Courses are academic classes are taught by qualified instructors with a purpose to enhance participant’s knowledge of a Forex Trading
  • Courses usually available in various languages and developed for both beginner and advanced traders, focusing on several areas: Markets, Stratgeis, Techniques and Risks. Courses vary in terms of length, size, content and duration.
  • Additionally, Schools may offer Personal Training, Live Streaming, topic related trainings like Markets understanding, Strategies, Trading Psychology etc.

Usually Trading Schools offering enroling for a fee, while only some materials or inroduction Webinars might be as part of Forex Trading Course UK free of charge

The characteristics of a good Forex Trading School are:

👨‍💻 School Reputable School with Expert Instructors
📈 EducationOnline Course
In class Lessons
🔎 CourseBeginners Course
Advanced Course
Macro Course
Live Streaming
📑 Free Materialse-Books
Intro Videos
🏛️ QualityWell Structured material
Good access to resources
Live trade demonstrations
Demo Account
💸 FeeFree Materials
Prepaid Courses
Monthly Subscription
🚀 CoachingPersonal Lessons
One on One Coaching

Forex Trading itself is regulated by top-tier FCA in the UK, which imposes regulations to UK Brokers and Forex related activity, read more about UK Brokers here.

Best Forex School Online UK

  • Axia Futures, London – Best School Overall
  • Alpha Trading Floor, London – Best Value
  • London Academy of Trading, London – Best for Beginners
  • Guerrilla Trading, Manchester – Best Free Materials

We picked Axia Futures as the overall best forex school in the UK. 

Axia Futures provides a great course for Beginners divided by topics and gradually increasing knowledge of the newbie traders, starting from Trading Basis, covering Markets overview, various strategies also paying attention to Trading Psychology and other inputs. The course is easy to catch while the material is organized in a very good way.

The advanced trading course is very well organized too, trader can enroll for particular strategy or market to polish trading skills and get a deeper knowledge of the selected topic. Also, Mentorships, Personal Training, Live Streaming, Analysis and Macro Event Rooms are available.

Forex Trading Courses in UK

While looking for Trading Schools UK and Forex Courses in UK to get started, traders are highly advised to learn only from reliable and reputable firms, and never use any education materials as trading advice. For our list we select only well-established and reputable schools with quality education and materials suitable for various level traders.

School Name City Course Course Cost Course Duration  Free Materials School Website    
Axia Futures    London Futures Trading and Trader Development £990 On demand Yes Axia Futures    
Alpha Trading Floor   London Financial Trading £399 12 weeks Yes  Alpha Trading Floor     
London Academy of Trading  London Introduction to Equities Trading £999 10 days Yes  London Academy of Trading    
Guerrilla Trading Manchester Forex Trading Course £99 per month Monthly subscription Yes  Guerrilla Trading  

Best Trading School in London

  • My Trading Skills, London – Best Beginners Course
  • London Institute for Business and Management, London – Best Tarding Diploma
  • Queensway Trading Academy, London – Best for Advanced Traders
  • Shifting Shares, London – Best School for Shares Trading

We picked My Trading Skills as the overall best forex school in London. 

We all need to start somewhere. My Trading Skills provides a great course for beginners who are interested in trading, divided by topics – from the basics like what is market psychology or other input essentials, besides to deeper understanding how market works, that will help you become more successful trader!
The advanced classes offer even better opportunities: if one thing isn’t enough then maybe try out another strategy/market separately until they’re perfectly working for your purpose because there’s no limit when practicing at My Trading skills academy.

In addition, the school provides personal training, insights, free courses and great guides.

Forex Trading Courses London

Forex Trading Courses in London offered by many schools since London, being the capital of the UK is also a world-known financial center that gather majority of Top Forex brokers and Trading schools likewise. Here we select best London Trading Schools with various range of fees and services offered:

School Name Location Course Course Cost Course Duration  Free Materials School Website    
My Trading Skills    London Trading for Beginners Course £80 18 Lessons Yes My Trading Skills     
London Institute for Business and Management London Forex Trading Diploma £309 4 months Yes  London Institute for Business and Management   
Queensway Trading Academy London Forex Trading Course – – Yes  Queensway Academy   
Shifting Shares London Online Stock Trading Course £597 45 Lessons Yes  Shifting Shares  

Best Trading School Manchester

  • Guerrilla Trading, Manchester – Best Overall Macnhester School
  • Alpha Trading Floor, Manchester – Best Trading Course
  • The Knowledge Academy, Manchester – Best Diploma

We picked Guerrilla Trading as the overall best forex school in Manchester. 

The school has great coverage across the UK, having branches in London, Liverpool, Briston, Preston, Manchester etc, and to start learning about trading, with topics divided up by topic and gradually increasing knowledge. The materials are easy-to understand making it simple enough that even those without much experience can learn something new from each lesson!

The advanced trading course offers a trader more than just strategies and markets. It provides them with an opportunity to learn about the selected topic in depth, by enrolling for particular courses or workshops that match their needs specifically!

Forex Trading Courses Manchester

Manchester is home to many world-renowned financial institutions such as banks or brokers similarly to London, it has become an attractive place for those interested in international trading. There are plenty of Trading courses available that will teach you how Forex works, here is our top selection of Manchester Trading Schools and Courses:

School Name Location Course Course Cost Course Duration  Free Materials School Website    
Guerrilla Trading Manchester Forex Trading Course £99 per month Monthly subscription Yes My Trading Skills     
Alpha Trading Floor Manchester Beginners’ Course on Financial Trading £399 12 weeks Yes  Alpha Trading Floor   
The Knowledge Academy   Manchester Forex Trading Course – – Yes  Queensway Academy   

FAQ and More on Forex Trading Courses UK

Traders may have many Forex trading Schools related questions while looking for some particular criteria or supporting trading strategy. Here, we picked and answered some of the most common queries related to Forex Courses in the UK.

Best Day Trading Courses for Beginners UK

A great number of Schools in UK provide Day trading course and education tutorials. Here we pick some of the best Day trading courses for beginners or seasoned traders:

  • The Knowledge Academy  
  • Guerilla Trading

Best Stock Trading Courses UK

Stock trading is a popular trading asset in UK, in order to find the best Stock Trading Course it is necessary to define whether you wish to trade real Stocks or speculate on the price movement solely known as Stock CFD Trading. At present many UK Schools offering some excellent Stock Trading Courses:

  • Shifting Shares
  • Amplify Trading  

Futures Trading Courses London

To select good trading school for Futures trading we tested several schools and found these as the best to learn Futures trading:

  • Axia Futures  
  • Alpha Trading Floor

Crypto Trading Course London

At the moment None of the UK traders can trader Cryptocurrenies. This is happened due to UK regulation which imposes restrictions to all Crypto related assets within the UK. However, some London Based Forex schools may offer Crypto Trading courses or education support. Check Queensway Trading Academy.

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