For this list, we have searched several Education Providers.

In our research, we selected the best Certified Financial Education Providers. In order to help you find the apropriate solution, we compiled a list of potential providers offering the best educational solution in the market.

What is Education Provider in Forex Trading?

Forex Education Providers are companies offering educational financial and trading courses. The trading courses are developed by certified traders with deep knowledge and considerable experience in the financial field. Courses are typically self-paced and often include online videos, webinars, trading simulators, chat rooms, and access to mentors. 

Forex education provides a vital stepping stone to successful trading. In-depth education on trading platforms, trends, strategies, and leverage is beneficial for both experienced and non-experienced participants.

Benefits of Education section in brokers proposal:

  • 📑Attracts more customers
  • 🗃️Beneficial for Beginning Traders
  • 📈Increases awareness and improves quality of customers
  • 📊Promotes long term relationships
  • 📁Makes the Forex field accessible

Best Financial Education Providers

There are many different Financial Education Providers in the forex market it is crucial to define the best education provider for your business needs.

There are several factors you should always take into consideration when making your decision. You need to make sure that the provider offers a good range of features and has a good reputation. Also, you should make sure that the provider is easy to use and provides good customer support.

To pick the best Forex Education Providers, we searched and tested several companies in the market. Here is our list of the best Forex Education Providers:

  • – Best Overall Education Provider
  • Traders Academy – Best Education Webinar Provider
  • Daily Forex FX Academy – Best Free Education Provider
  • BSAPPSFX – Best UK Forex Education Provider

Top Education for Forex Trading Brokers

When deciding on the Forex Education Provider, a few important factors should be taken into account – a reputable and experienced provider, ease of use, and the solutions and prices of different providers.

Here we picked the best companies offering Education Services in the Forex market:

Financial Education ProvidersFeatures and SolutionsPricing
ForexSignalsWebinars, Courses, Glossaries, Videos, Trading Simulators, Calculators, Currency Map, CalendarPricing Request is Required
Traders AcademyArticles, Webinars, Community,Pricing Request is Required
Daily Forex FX AcademyArticles, Strategy Simulators, CalculatorsFree
BSAPPFX Webinars, Courses, Glossaries, Videos, Trading Simulators, CalculatorsPricing Request is Required
Trading Academy ClubCourses, Articles, VideosPricing Request is Required
InvestopediaCourses, Glossaries, Videos, ArticlesFree

FAQ and More on Education Providers

Brokers frequently have questions related to education services. In this part, we answered some common questions about Forex Education Providers.

Each forex education service has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to define your goals and objectives before deciding which one is right for you.

Certified Financial Planner Continuing Education Providers

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a formal recognition of expertise in the areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement. Forex professionals have to undertake financial certification every two years.

Here are some of the best CFP Providers:

  • Kaplanfinancial
  • WebCe
  • Finra

Education on Elder Financial Exploitation for Service Providers

Some companies provide education on elder exploitation in order to prevent scamming and frauds. Here are some of the providers:

  • ICBA
  • EBF

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Author of this review

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