cTrader Mobile App Launches Signal Link Sharing Feature

Spotware Systems, a leading fintech company, has recently upgraded its cTrader mobile application for iOS devices, unveiling a new feature that enhances user connectivity and functionality. The latest update, cTrader Mobile 4.8, now includes the ability for users to share their trading orders and positions through signal links, complete with enhanced snippets for improved clarity and communication.

This innovative feature is part of a broader effort to enhance the user experience on the cTrader platform, making it easier for traders to share and discuss their trading strategies and insights with others. Accessible through the main menu under the “Manage Profile” section, users can now create and customize their user profiles. This addition allows for the addition of profile and cover images, along with the ability to provide personal and contact information.

In an effort to further personalize the trading experience, the app now includes an account overview slider that displays credit provided by brokers, enhancing the financial management capabilities of users directly within the app.

cTrader continues to position itself as a premium mobile trading platform, offering users the ability to buy and sell a wide range of global assets including Forex, Metals, Oil, Indices, Stocks, and ETFs. The app supports login via Apple, Facebook, and Google accounts, or a cTrader ID, ensuring a seamless and secure entry into the trading environment.

The cTrader Mobile 4.8 update also maintains its comprehensive range of features such as a variety of Order Types, advanced Technical Analysis tools, Price Alerts, Trade Statistics, Advanced Order Management settings, and Symbol Watchlists. These features, coupled with the new signal link sharing capability, reinforce cTrader’s commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly mobile trading experience, tailored to the needs of traders on the go.

Author of this review

By George Rossi

Author of this review

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