Darwinex Introduces D-Zero a Virtual Account with Zero Risk

Darwinex, a pioneering online brokerage firm, has launched D-Zero, a monthly subscription service that enables traders to build their track record and raise investor capital from a virtual trading account, with zero risk.


D-Zero provides users with a virtual trading account that can be used to attract investment to their trading strategy. If a profit is generated on the investments, the user will receive 15% of that profit as a reward for their skills.

Signing up for D-Zero is a straightforward and quick process, made easier by the virtual account setup. Interested individuals can sign up by clicking on any of the numerous ‘Get Started’ or ‘Sign up’ buttons on the Darwinex Zero website, which will bring them to the beginning of the registration process.

  • The registration process involves providing personal details and choosing the type of virtual trading account, either Forex & CFDs on MT5 or Forex & CFDs on MT4. After choosing the account and checking the Terms & Conditions, the user needs to fill out the complete form, make the payment, verify their D-Zero account, and set their passwords. The user will then receive login and password details for their MetaTrader MT4 or MT5 account.
  • The D-Zero journey begins with Stage 0, the ‘Training Stage’. During this phase, users need to trade in their virtual accounts in the same way they would normally trade. Darwinex asks users to accrue a number of trading decisions over a minimum of 10 trading days, allowing the risk engine to analyze their trading style and perform an initial assessment of how they manage risk so that it can calibrate accordingly.
  • The trades placed in the signal account produce trading signals that are then analyzed by the Darwinex risk engine. The engine generates the user’s DARWIN Index, which is based on their trades but with an adjusted level of risk, making it comparable with all other DARWINs on the platform.
  • Once both the DARWIN and risk management criteria reach 100%, the training stage is complete, and the user’s DARWIN Index can be created. The DARWIN Ticker, unique to each user, is then allocated, and the user can see their progress towards their DARWIN being created on the platform.

Following this, the user can give Darwinex permission to read and copy their trades, which will underpin their DARWIN Index. The user will participate in Darwinex’s monthly Seed Capital Allocation Programme, DarwinIA, where traders participate to get capital allocations. These allocations are considered as Darwinex investing in the user and their trading talent.

The sign-up fee for D-Zero is €95, which is higher than the subsequent ongoing monthly subscription costs of €38. The sign-up fee includes the Darwinex Zero account, the user’s trading platform of choice throughout the whole duration of the training stage, and the first month’s participation in DarwinIA SILVER.

For more information visit Darwinex’s official website www.darwinex.com

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By George Rossi

Author of this review

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